Communications is about far more than knowing the right reporters or the right way to speak to the media. It means understanding the ultimate goal and crafting the message that helps you reach it.

We know how to use the interlocking network of print and online media outlets, targeted appearances on cable television and news programs, the web, foundations and think tanks, as well as op-eds to communicate core messages advance causes, promote images and create legacies.

Douglas E. Schoen, LLC. works with clients to develop and execute a multi-faceted communications and outreach  program to advance their messages much more coherently and systematically than they have done previously.

Elite Opinion Management

Douglas E. Schoen LLC has the experience to help you identify, recruit and activate key stakeholders and allies in a way that is arguably distinct and unique.

Salon Dinners bring targeted elites together with the elite client for the purpose of introducing members of the government to influential people. This type of social event serves as a means of bringing attention to elite clients and allows them to communicate their most important messages in a focused setting.

Issue Advocacy

Effective issue advocacy frequently requires a variety of approaches in a variety of venues – legislative, electoral, media, advertising, grassroots, digital and more. We know each venue and each approach, because we work in all of these areas for our clients every day. Douglas E. Schoen LLC. has particular insights into marketing issues facing major corporations, as well as having a clear understanding of the political and regulatory environment they face in D.C.