Strategic research and analysis forms the foundation of Douglas E. Schoen LLC’s work. Whether you’re a candidate running for office, an issue advocacy group facing political or legislative hurdles, a major corporation trying to overcome the challenges of breaking into a new market or anyone else who needs to achieve a complex goal involving government or politics, we believe that detailed and strategic research is a vital first step in crafting any detailed communications strategy going forward.

Qualitative/Quantitative Research

Dr. Douglas E. Schoen has been designing research studies and samples of American opinion for over 30 years. Our qualitative and quantitative  research exercises are designed to test specific emotional/brand connection messages to systematically enhance the overall appeal of a brand, candidate, or issue.

Schoen has done survey research for three of the last four Mayors of New York City, and was the principal research consultant and strategist for Mayor Mike Bloomberg in each of his three campaigns.

Each instrument is built to get the answers you need from your target audience. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients, matching your knowledge of the competitive environment with our expertise in messaging and methodology in order to ensure that you obtain the depth and range of information you’re seeking. 

Douglas E. Schoen LLC can help you:

  • Monitor the public’s perceptions of  your candidate or issue
  • Identify emerging problems and opportunities early & develop strategic responses
  • Prioritize and refine policy initiatives and issues
  • Develop new issues
  • Identify which messages best differentiate your candidate, brand, or company to create advantages over its competition
  • Ascertain the best  opportunities that reflect your brand’s values and maximize profitability while preserving the brand’s integrity.


Our political and corporate research services also include a detailed demographic, psychographic and  behavioral profiling of targeted groups of voters/ consumers. Our segmentation services allows clients to better understand with specificity and precision how different groups react to the brand overall, as well as to each of its individual components.  

By understanding what each individual target universe is looking for, we help clients establish how to best reach out to new audiences without alienating old ones, and how to integrate the various segments that make up their base.