Douglas E. Schoen LLC. employs a unique and sophisticated message development, message testing, and message elaboration process as an essential element in creating an overarching strategy for our clients.

Competitive Brand Positioning

Douglas E. Schoen LLC. works with brands to develop and refine broad-based strategic messages to promote brand identity and that of its products overall and to target consumer groups.

We establish the most effective ways for you  to take on competitors and provide you with the strongest differentiating messaging.

Corporate Reputation Management

We develop and test specific messages that clients can use to communicate — broadly and on a targeted basis — to try to influence public opinion — and ascertain the best way to leverage our clients  through the Internet and social media.

Our work is as unique as the challenges you face — based on our assessment of public opinion as well as the initiatives your company, campaign, or organization is currently contemplating.

Douglas E. Schoen LLC can help you:

  • Craft an effective messaging framework
  • Develop successful responses to attacks from opposition
  • Create ads that communicate your message