Mike Bloomberg

As Bloomberg’s Chief Political Strategist, Douglas E. Schoen lead what the New York Times called “one of the most ambitious pollings of an electorate ever undertaken.”

Our research, strategy and predictive modeling was vital to Mike Bloomberg’s election to New York City Mayor three times.

Our advice, counsel, and strategic advisory centered on advancing a pragmatic, centrist, and boldly independent message that achieved tremendous political and electoral success.

Douglas E. Schoen spearheaded the utilization of micro-targeting for Bloomberg’s 2005 Mayoral campaign, being one of the first people to utilize Big Data analytics in a political format and setting the precedent for future campaign strategies in voter-targeting such as Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008 and 2012.

Additionally, the research made groundbreaking implications for political research by shifting away from traditional voter categories such as racial and ethnic groups, utilizing a model where voters can be targeted with multi-layered themes and specific local issues in order to further segment the population in a more nuanced and useful manner.

Schoen Consulting has worked closely with Mike Bloomberg’s Super PAC, Independence USA, since its inception in 2012, to help implement Mayor Bloomberg’s agenda across the country.  We identify opportunities and develop messaging to effectively communicate efforts to make our political system more open and transparent, help fight diabetes and obesity, help our schools to support great teachers and increase choices for parents, and help reduce gun violence by getting rid of illegal guns on our streets.