Apple Music

Within six months of our research partnership, Apple Music had achieved one of its primary goals with more than 10 million converted paying subscribers, generating over $100 million in monthly revenue.

Our firm was highly engaged in Apple Music’s July 2015 global launch.

Our research provided data-driven analysis and actionable recommendations for the continued marketing of Apple Music.

Our research enabled Apple Music to:

  • Increase sign-ups for Apple Music;
  • Increase conversions to paid subscriptions following 3-month free trials;
  • Reduce user churn;
  • Examine potential partnerships to create effective marketing synergies with third-party products and services.

Apple Music utilized our research to implement an advanced marketing strategy which allowed Apple to reach its narrowly defined target consumer segments and demographic groups with diverse and unique music interests.

Additionally, our research helped Apple draw consumers away from competitors and toward the Apple Music platform.