Schoen Consulting specializes in shaping campaigns and political strategies, raising brand images and profiles, and creating legacies for international businesses and political leaders.

Our work is as unique as the challenges you face

We work with clients facing complex goals that are best solved with comprehensive and fully-customized research, branding, messaging, and communications strategy.

Whether the task at hand is winning an election, launching a new product, repositioning a brand, advancing an issue or cause, or creating a lasting legacy, our solutions are as unique as the challenges you face.

Strategic research and analysis forms the foundation of Schoen Consulting’s work.

We work closely with our clients, matching your knowledge of the competitive environment with our expertise in research methodology. Whether you’re a candidate running for office, an advocacy group facing political or legislative hurdles, a corporation trying to break into a new market, or someone seeking to achieve a complex political or branding goal, we believe that detailed research is a vital first step in crafting any successful strategy.

Schoen Consulting employs a unique and sophisticated message development, testing, and analytical process.

Our team develops, refines, and tracks broad-based as well as targeted strategic messages to promote our clients’ identity and reputation. We use detailed demographic, psychographic, and behavioral profiling of targeted groups to understand the best way to communicate to key stakeholders.

Schoen Consulting can help you craft an effective messaging framework, develop successful responses to attacks from competitors, and create ads that communicate your message.

We establish the most successful ways for companies and campaigns to take on competitors with impactful messaging that achieves results.

Schoen Consulting has experience identifying, recruiting, and activating key stakeholders and allies in a way that is distinct and unique.

We know how to navigate the complex network of digital and print media. We have extensive experience in preparing clients for targeted appearances on cable television and news programs, promoting their brands and messages on social media, engaging with foundations and think tanks, as well as publishing op-eds to communicate core messages, advance causes, promote images, and create legacies.

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